My friends pressured me to watch Bridgerton, and so far I have learned three things: One, I desperately want to wear a pretty dress. Two, puffy white shirts on men are the equivalent to (I assume) a woman wearing lingerie. And three, I had no idea a show could be so subtle while being so incredibly horny

Bridgerton season one featured our protagonist, Daphne, experiencing her sexual awakening after meeting the (super hot) Duke of Hastings. After some witty banter and a few ballroom scenes, Daphne and the Duke finally hook up–romping through the rest of the season in orgasmic bliss. 

But, really, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. And sometimes, even a sex scene can get a bit boring.

There’s a common misconception that in order for a show to be sexy, sensual, and erotic, sex scenes need to be involved. And while that can be true for steamier shows like Sex/Life, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal, sometimes, when it comes to sex, it’s all in the subtleties. 

In Bridgerton season two, even the touch of a hand is intimate. The way someone looks at somebody else is intimate. And despite the steamy scenes that come along later in the season, the whole “will they, won't they” sexually charged dynamic is just enough to get anyone going. It is, in essence, edging. And it’s hot.

There is something about the slow burn in Bridgerton season two that creates more sexual tension than ever. The eye contact between the main characters, Kate and Anthony, is intense. With every sneaky glance and prolonged stare, we can feel the tension rising between the two. Not to mention, the scenes where they do touch are extremely gentle, but sexually charged to the max. Take, when Anthony teaches Kate how to hold a gun, his touch is soft, but purposeful. The trace of a finger, a hand on the small of the back, the closeness of Anthony’s face to Kate’s neck: the sexiness is almost unbearable, and they’re not even close to hooking up.

The connection between the two is undeniable, and it’s obvious how much they want each other. And as sexual tensions rise with every episode, the audience is edged until episode seven–that’s seven hours of watching–when they finally get a sex scene.

And let me tell you: there has never been a more satisfying sex scene. Ever.

Because of the episodes–and hours–of buildup, the audience is able to feel the exact same release that the characters are feeling. We see this in films like Pride and Prejudice, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Atonement (remember that green dress scene?) where the characters are pushed to the brink of climax through steamy, sexless scenes. And when they finally do it? There’s nothing better.

Think about the best sex you’ve ever had: what was it like leading up to it? Were you flirting with someone all night? Playing the long game? What was the foreplay like? When it comes to sex, it’s all about the build-up. And whether that’s subtle touches at the bar, steamy text messages, prolonged foreplay, or even a bit of eye tag, it’s that sexual tension that takes sex from mid, to mind-blowing. Trust us.

Whether it’s for years, days, or even just one night, having a connection is hot. So, when you’re in the mood for a passionate, steamy sesh, be sure to keep in mind that there’s a definite power in the buildup and so much sex in the subtleties.



Julianna Marie