Untamed Insecure Series finale review:

From the beginning the question has always been “Lawrence or someone else”? Not only did the finale bring Lawrence, but the finale also brought BIG girl boss energy, a wife,a ring, a wedding, two new babies, and confidence. Season 5 beginning episodes purposely goes all the way back to the beginning. Back to the good ole’ college days. When they thought they knew everything but really knew nothing at all.


To see Issa go from that to finding “The Blocc” is something that we can all resonate with and just truly be happy for her. She was finally able to be happy with her friends and be in a healthy relationship with Lawrence because she found the peace within herself to be happy. Issa decided to finally choose herself, and everything fell in place for her universe. A true snowball effect. Don’t you think? She learned to not worry about where the different choices would lead her, but instead choosing the choices that felt right to her and made her just plain happy. Every character got a piece of this energy from Issa, but also a piece of this for themselves. They all learned to accept the abundance of life they were given. 

Now, Molly was the real winner of the show. She finally got everything she wanted. Comfort in her own skin. Comfort in being able to be a bread winner for herself, comfort in having difficult conversations, and comfort in comfort. Although they don’t too much light on her mother’s passing, I felt that she was able to finally let go being so strong.

Taurean was always there, but didn’t become available till Molly was ready. Throughout their relationship they teach each other things and Molly starts letting her guard down more and more, understanding that she doesn’t have to hide who true self from anyone. At that point, she was able to date with boundaries and not walls. Mrs Jackson really had her happily ever after.

By the end of the finale all loose ends are tied. Even the small plot lines like with Nathan are released. And shoutout to Nathan. He had a very difficult role, and played it with ease. The tought  conversations he had with Issa were all gems and lessons we can all learn from. Nathan also played a key role in bringing mental health issues to our tv screen. Black Men Mental Health Issues at that. Something that is a 100% real and 100% not talked about enough.

issa and nathan insecure series finale


The true happy ending was that sisterhood never dies. It gets better in time like wine. Although Tiffany had left to Colorado, they still made time for each other. As we get older, there is an unwritten understanding that celebrations are the time to get together with the ones we love the most, and just appreciate those moments with those people. The birthdays were a perfect way to tie it all in together. It’s like even though we all celebrate the New Year, our birthdays are really the time that we will continue to reflect on the past and future. No matter what we are going through, our girls are going to be there to hold it down. When Molly’s mom passed away, Issa was right there ready to hold her. 

We are proud of what Issa Dee and Issa Rae brought us for five beautiful seasons. We got to see our girl go from insecure to one confident bad B*itch going after what she wants and getting it. Every time. She is a reminder that at our worst, we may be our worst enemy. Our mind is whats doubting us. And that’s the real battle. What were your thoughts?