Did you know that ​​The word “menstruation” comes from the Latin word for “moon” and “month”? We are Here today to tell you that you are not crazy, and it is totally okay to blame the moon. Tired? Probably because of the moon phase that you are in? Period late, but you know that you aren’t pregnant. Again, the moon has your cycle running a little late. Untamed Lingerie is here to let you know how to conquer your cycle by using the moon phases! 

Although multiple studies show both agreement and disagreement to the Moon Cycles having any correlation with the Menstruation cycle, we like to be in agreement with all things natural and organic. Studies have shown that the Moon does affect the water, creating rising or lower sea levels during the Moon Phases and Humans are made up of mostly water. 

First, there are four moon cycles and four menstrual cycles within a 28-31 day period. 

The moon cycles are as follows: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon. 

There are also four menstrual cycles: menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase.

It is said that when your menstrual cycle aligns with the moon phases you are in complete sync and harmony with your chakras. Some cultures claim that women are most powerful when aligned with the Moon Cycles. 

The following is how a menstrual cycle and Moon Phases sync. 

  1. New Moon = Menstruation
  2. Waxing Moon = Follicular Phase
  3. Full Moon= Ovulation Phase
  4. Waning Moon = Luteal Phase

Here is a breakdown on what to look for during these phases/cycles:

  1. New Moon/Menstruation: The most powerful time for a woman. It is said that during this time you release all negative energy and create a clean slate for yourself. *If you are aligned with New Moon, you are considered to be in the “White Cycle”. You will be most fertile and ready to parent during ovulation when you have your period with the New Moon. The New Moon represents a NEW YOU. Every month! During the New Moon phase, is the best time to create a monthly ritual of self-care and manifestation. Write down all goals and questions that you seek answers to. This is the best time to create new goals and manifest your life. Yes, you are allowed to manifest every 28 days! “Manifest with the Moon”
  1. Waxing Moon/Follicular Phase: During this time Both the Follicular phase, and the Waxing moon are preparing for its next phase. This is the time to do a deep dive in where you are heading for the next couple of weeks? Planning a trip? Try and do your packing during this phase, as our brains have the least tendency to forget the important things during this time! Meditate on your plans and current goals. 

  1. Full Moon/Ovulation Phase: The energy gets real at this point of your menstrual cycle and Moon phase. The Full Moon is known for the energy that it presents. During this time both estrogen and Progesterone levels are changing fast. You might feel sexier during this time, as these hormones are heightened. The Full Moon creates your intuition to go into overdrive and may make you feel more alert with your body and your surroundings. You are at the top of the rollercoaster, time to get ready for a big release! Trash any physical or emotional items that are hindering you from becoming better.
  1. Waning Moon/Luteal Phase: At this point of the month Our bodies are definitely feeling overwhelmed. This is the initial first drop of the rollercoaster. Take this time to have some time to yourself. A Lot may be feeling PMS symptoms. This is your body telling you to get some rest. Get some tea or wine (whatever your preference) and take some R&R. A soaking bath with lavender is a good way to relax your body and get away from any current distractions! 


There are many ways to get in tune with our bodies, and being aware of our menstrual cycle is one of them. Downloading a period tracking app is a great way to see how long your cycle is, and what stage you are in. We are powerful women, and have the power of the Moon. Take advantage!