Libido Boosting foods you can eat today! 

Between a pandemic and kicking ass every day, the sex MOOD can easily fall into the cracks and become lost in what feels like an abandoned desert. Although, Untamed Lingerie has some exquisite pieces for some fun in the sheets. But what about foods to help you get in that mood? We have created a list of foods that are easy to purchase and easy to eat on the go that can help boost your libido and sex drive at the same time. 

First off, What the eff is Libido? Libido is the natural sex drive in our bodies that gives us that “URGE”. Every part of our body affects our libido which can lower our sex drive. Some examples can include, high blood pressure, hormonal changes like birth control, pregnancy, drug/medication usage, low self-esteem, fatigue, travel, etc.

Here is a list of our favorite, easy foods, that are delicious and easy to eat. 

Nuts & Seeds  - Full of  L-arginine to get your blood flowing to all the right places.

Apples- Apples helps promote circulation

Strawberries, blueberries, purple grapes, cherries, oranges - The anti-oxidants in these fruits help with high Blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause less blood flow to the vagina or penis. 

Basil or any other natural herbs- Adding these herbs to your food vitalizes your senses.

Garlic- Garlic is a natural herb that increases blood flow. 

Chocolate- Feeling angry? Chocolate is known for boosting your mood and releasing hormones that naturally relax you. 

Spinach- The magnesium in spinach can increase blood flow, which can make orgasms and erections easier to accomplish. 

Peppers- Making meals spicier can keep endorphins awake and lively, creating a better sex drive. Oh, and peppers help create a better ending also (if you catch my drift).

Green Tea- Tea is the all-time remedy for everything, sex drive included. Drinking tea periodically can naturally boost your blood flow, creating maximum orgasms! 

Coffee- Containing a secret stimulant that can put literally anyone in the mood for a good time. 

It’s a new year and time to add these items to your pantry or fridge. Not only do these help provide a better sex drive, but also are healthy, easy, snacks that you can take on the go or add to every meal.